...and let Jimi take over

a few pictures I found today & i love jimi.

If I'm free, it's because I'm always running.
Jimi Hendrix 

loving sammy..

Loving Samantha Harris right now,
she made it on the cover of Vogue :) :) and..
she looks amazing in these shots!!

...watch out for her!!!

RSFF Final day!!

Last night was the festival's final day,
I caught the last three shows, so so good
some really great designs were shown, a favourite were some of the pieces from brand; Seventh Wonderland
and backstage I  got to meet Samantha Harris!!!
so exciting, and she is soo sweet, couldn't get over how friendly she was!!


Shots from todays Lingerie show, at
Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival.
Such an amazing show,
boys from Bondi Rescue, Erin McNaught, Giaan Rooney AND Nacho Pop (there's a shot of him up there) ..were a few faces.
Its very cool to actually watch the show, back stage is pretty hectic!
Oh and the dancers were amazing
fun, fun, fun